I had LASER on my face!

No, really! I did! What happened was a fellow blogger, Veyronica, hooked me up to this new skin management and beauty center located at Jalan Wan Alwi called Nephos Aesthetic (check out their facebook page). I have done some facials before - suffice to say a single visit makes very little difference but it does not make me an expert all of the sudden, but hey if a friend recommends the place, why not give it a shot.

Getting there: 

Kuchinglites being Kuchinglites, we wouldn't know one road name or the other. We use landmarks instead. Across Arena Sukan, on the ground floor of Queen's Court Building on Jalan Wan Alwi is where Nephos Aesthetics is located. Other landmarks include Megalanes Bowling Center, EG Mall, SeGi College and Bulatan Simpang Tiga. If none of this rings a bell (then you're not a true Kuchinglite lol) just use the map above and let your favourite drive app lead you there.

What to do? Do I have to bring anything?

On first visit, you get consultation from Dr. Rui or one of his staffs. You'll get a comprehensive information about what type of skin you have, they'll ask your skin care routines, your daily activities and such. This is so that they can suggest the best products, procedure and/or treatment that suits you. Pretty normal right?

Consultation and filling the personal detail
form with Dr. Rui

Not quite! You have an option; in fact you are encouraged to bring the products that you used as part of your skin care routine. So ladies, bring those washes, creams, liquids, gels, powders and all and get even more information on especially whether the contents/ingredients is suitable or not for your skin! You are not obliged to use their products - you can keep using the ones you already have! Your wallet would probably appreciate it!

Did I bring anything? Nope. I only ever used facewash, not sure aftershave counts, moisturizer and sunblock (SPF 50, at least). Not much to consult on imo.

What happens after the consultation?

This is the part where you get pampered and polished (yes, your skin can actually shine hahaha). Assuming that a procedure has been prepared for you, The first thing is to get changed. You gotta look the part, right? Use the washroom if you need to, and proceed to the prep room. You'll also do a pre-treatment photo shot, you know, so that you can see the before and after differences. Be reserved tho, the result varies person to person but generally after just one treatment, you won't notice a significant difference. It does take time.

Next is the clean and scrub procedure. This first treatment removes any products that you may or may not apply before coming, and more importantly removes the dirt and excess oil from your skin. After that, a numbness cream is applied to your now clean face.

Cleaned, scrubbed and now applying
the numbness cream

Don't let the name intimidate you. The main purpose of the numbness cream is to prepare your skin for the next application, reducing sensitivity by just a tad. It won't completely numb it from touch or anything extreme of that sort.

Nano-carbon gel application
Next, a Nano-carbon gel is applied. According to Dr. Rui, all their products are researched, developed and tested throughly before being put into application at Nephos Aesthetics, and this Nano-carbon gel is no exception. It's pretty cool upon application, gentle on the skin and does not aggravate at all.

Once the gel is dry to touch, I was lead into the treatment room where all the machines are located. I have to admit I was a little scared, but my beautician of the day by the name of Rose (yes she's just as pretty as her name) along with Dr. Rui assured me that the procedures are safe.

Naturally since we are dealing with high-frequency laser, some safety precautions are to be observed. A solid eye-cover to protect your eyes, keep as still as possible and communicate to your beautician throughout the procedure. If it hurts, let them know.

It helps that Dr. Rui who did the laser treatment on me that day communicated well. He would tell me where he will start, touch the specific location on my cheek and counted down before beginning. Do expect this level of communication from any of his beauticians as well.

Another thing that I liked was that I didn't have to shave! Of course for the most part of the treatment, they avoided my moustache and beard.

That's how the laser look like. Of course I only
felt it slightly as a brief tingling warm sensation.

You can also expect the slight smell of burned hair and skin. This is normal as the high-frequency laser does burn fine hair on your face (I'm a guy, I have plenty I reckon) and dead skin (yeap, plenty of that too).

Right side done!

All done!

The skin cycles itself after an average of 28 days, therefore it is not recommended to do the laser treatment more than once every month. It might damage the skin before it had a chance to fully heal and repair itself.


Take a blog break!

I'd like to think that this pampering and polishing moment comes as at great timing as my own birthday is coming soon! But no worries, I believe that sharing is caring, and therefore I'd love to share the experience at Nephos Aesthetics with my ready. From now until July 31st, with a visit and any one of the treatment at Nephos Aesthetics, you get a voucher valued at RM100 to spend for your next visit!

Here's what you need to do:
1. Head to Nephos Aesthetic's facebook, give it a like and a follow!
2. Use this promo code: NEPHOSK07 with any one of the 3
treatment packages at Nephos Aesthetics.

That't not all though. Read along to find out more offerings!


Next Treatment:

I'd imagine after being shot with a high-frequency laser my face would feel really agitated, but feeling-wise, it's not at all uncomfortable. Of course, Dr. Rui did explained that the skin is actually agitated, but on a level that is almost unfelt. It did feel a little warm for a few minutes, I told him, but other than that my skin feels pretty ok.

In any case after laser comes the blue-light skin soothing treatment. This is probably my favourite part - super soothing I think I dozed off most part of it. Rose did a fine job there too I reckon. It was cold but comfortable, and I could almost feel the skin 'waking up' if that makes any sense at all. You HAVE to experience this!

Blue Light! YYYAAASSSS!!!!

I really did not want it to be over but it had to make way for the mask, face massage and hydration treatment after! Comment below on how many different treatments in one visit so far! Post treatment image comes next, change back into your own clothes and some tea to accompany the post-treatment consultation.

Like I mentioned, results vary from person to person, but my skin has never felt so relaxed! I could feel the gentle aircond wind on my face, it didn't feel weirdly tight and some of the dullness was reduced, giving way to a little bit of natural shine especially on my forehead and cheeks.

The Phantom of the Opera? Haha

Look at how radiant my skin is!

Taking note of adjustment to my
skincare routine

I'd still like to see my giant pores shrink but it'll happen in due time, Dr. Rui assured. In the mean time... congratulations on making it this far into my post this time! It's a little lengthy I know, but if I really had my way it would probably be twice as long! But, I think some mystery should be left to be experienced and not read about, so make your way to Nephos Aesthetic as soon as you can and treat yourself good!

Conclusion? Was it worth it?

Every. Single. Second! All in all the whole experience took about an hour and a half (much of which I dozed off). On the drive back I could feel my skin 'breathing' if that makes sense at all. This is pretty much my own conclusion as according to Dr. Rui and Rose, the Skin Rejuvination with Nano-carbon aims to reduce dullness and bring back radiance in the skin. It did, but feeling wise my skin has never felt lighter and more supple. Definitely booking my next appointment next month! 

But wait! What about the offerings!

Haha I did not forget about that. If you approach Nephos Aesthetics from now until 31st of July, for just RM48, you can choose any ONE of these three treatments not just for you but for another person too! Boys, why not make it a date with your girl? Or mother? Or sister? If it's not your thing, treat her and her best friend. Trust me, she'll love you for it!


  1. Full gallery of my experience can be viewed here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/iVPllBXIRuERSFAv1
  2. To preserve the authenticity of the experience. none of the photos included in this blog or gallery has been edited. The effect of the lighting results in warm and cool tones among various photos. 


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